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A story:

One day, you remembered how much fun you had biking as a kid.  Feeling a little cooped up at home, you decide you’d like to get back on a bike and go for a ride. So you head to the Ventura Bike HUB to get an inexpensive used bike (you’re not trying to turn professional). As you buy your bike, you’re offered a one-year membership for $30 – you like what we’re doing, so you buy it – immediately knocking 10% off the price of your new bike, helmet, and lock. But the rewards of being a BikeVentura member are just getting started.

You ride home on beautiful green bike lanes, comfortable and confidently in traffic – bike lanes that BikeVentura advocates for tirelessly with dollars from your membership. As you ride, you see other riders using turn signals, riding in straight lines on the right side of the road, and obeying traffic laws. This gives you confidence that you can ride safely too. Well, your membership helps fund our education programs that teach bike safety to youth and adults.

You get home, and you want to share your ride with your partner. They remember they have a rusty bike in the garage, but it needs a tune up. Aha, you think. “I remember that I can do the tune-up myself at the Ventura Bike HUB, learning all about how to fix it – and because of my membership, the stand time is free, I just have to pay for the parts.

You return home with the fixed bike, and you’re now riding with your partner, enjoying the fresh air in your hair. You get a flat tire – but not to fear! You remember how to fix it from learning at the HUB. But you need a tube, so you visit one of several awesome local bike shops in Ventura, and with your membership, get 10% off the tube and other bike supplies. You notice families out riding together, and your membership supported one of several kid’s bike giveaways that have given over 100 free bikes to kids in the last year. You notice more and more riders out, of all shapes, sizes and colors – out for exercise, going to the store, or biking to work. You think, “what if all these people were driving cars? I might not feel as safe on the street.” You remember that your membership supports BikeVentura’s mission to grow a safe, healthy community through equitable bicycle education, empowerment, and advocacy. This is the community in which it’s safe to ride.

Feeling accomplished and refreshed, you decide it’s time for a beverage. You head to Leashless Brewing and pick up a crowler (can growler!), which is also discounted 10% with your BikeVentura membership.

That $30 went a long way, and will continue to make your ride even better. Please renew or join today.

Thank you,

Joey Juhasz-Lukomski

Executive Director, BikeVentura

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