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It’s like Christmas in May!

Dia de los Ninos, a tradition south of the border, made an appearance in Oxnard May 29. Bike Ventura donated 10 bikes and helmets to the event and had a booth all about our HUBs. Hosted by Oxnard Housing Authority, residents in the area visited community services booths, watched dancers, played games and let kids be kids in a fresh air outdoor setting. At our booth, we invited folks to give input on a regional planning survey and gave out additional helmets and bike lights. “Giving kids a bike leads to an active lifestyle, better health and is great for the environment,” explained Nina Danza, BikeVentura volunteer, “and the best part is kids don’t even know those are happening because they are just having fun!” Big big thanks to several booth volunteers, Diana, Sandra, John, and Carlos!! Without them we wouldn’t have been able to do this. MUCHAS GRACIAS !

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